Meet All The Five Sons Of Nollywood Legend, Pete Edochie

The legend veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie has five sons, though many people know just one.

This is because just like his father, he is also an actor. Well, in this article, we are going to see the other four sons of Pete Edochie.

#1 Leo Edochie

Leo Edochie

Leo is the first son of the actor. He is not into entertainment stuff and he is married with kids.

#2 Uche Edochie

Uche Edochie

He is a renowned businessman and not into showbiz like his father and Yul. He is married with kids and the second child of Pete.

#3 Linc Edochie

Linc Edochie

Also an actor, but not so famous like his brother Yul, because he doesn’t star in too many movies. He is a movie producer, also married with kids. At a point, he wanted to stop schooling and concentrate on acting but the legend actor never gave him the chance.

#4 Gene Edochie

Gene Edochie

He happens to be the fourth son of the legendary actor. He is married with kids. He’s is a showbiz person, but keeps a low-key life.

#5 Yul Edochie

Yul Edochie

He is undoubted the known and famous one. Yul has starred in several movies and his reputation precedes him. He is married with kids and most movie lovers really admire his acting skills.