Court orders NNPC to pay an accident victim 10.6 million naira

The court says NNPC was ignorant in putting up the concrete barrier without road signs.

The Federal High Court in Abuja on Monday ordered the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) to pay a sum of N10.6million to a victim of an accident resulting from the road blockage in front of the corporation’s headquarters in Abuja.

The judge, Babatunde Quadri, ruled that NNPC was ignorant in blocking the highway with concrete barriers without road signs as required by law.

The judgment was delivered in favour of a traditional ruler, Eze Anika.

Mr Anika claimed in his suit that his Peugeot 406 with registration number DP 41 EKY was damaged beyond repairs in 2012 due to the unlawful blockage.

Concrete barriers were put up around various major government buildings in Abuja about that time because of heightened Boko Haram attacks in the federal capital.

The judge ruled that “the totality of evidence” from the police indicated that the accident was caused along with four others by the unlawful placement of concrete barriers on the road the same day.

Mr Quadri therefore awarded N5.1 million in favour of the plaintiff as the cost of damaged vehicle, another N5 million as special damages, and N500,000 was granted as the cost of prosecuting the case.

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