Taylor Swift gives £36,000 to recently widowed mum

Taylor Swift has given £36,000 to a mother of five whose husband died of Covid19.

The singer and her mum gave the money to a GoFundMe request set up to support Vickie Quarles and her five children.

She was married to Theodis Ray Quarles, 48, of Memphis, Tennessee, US, died before Christmas, according to the GoFundMe fundraiser.

The huge donation from Taylor, 31, and mum Andrea, 63, meant the GoFundMe page met its $50,000 target in one go.

It has so far raised over $60,000 (£44,000).

This is not the first time the Grammy Award-winner has helped out strangers.

Last year, she gave £23,373 to a teenager named Vitoria Mario,  who could not afford to go to university.

And in December, Taylor donated £9,500 each to two mothers experiencing difficulties due to the pandemic.