Twitter in Ghana, Pornhub coming to Nigeria?

On the same day that microblogging site, Twitter, announced the decision to place its Africa operational base in Ghana, Pornhub, described as the world’s leading free pornography site, hinted that the University of Ibadan might be its African headquarters.

Although, this might not be an official position, but the hint came in response to a tweet from a Nigerian Twitter user who asked PornHub on Twitter when they would have their headquarters in Nigeria. It also came with a response from what appears to be the official handle of the pornography site.

A while after Twitter founder, Jack Dorsey, announced the decision about Ghana in a tweet, many Nigerians on the platform began to complain how much of a big loss this was. In the midst of all that, a Twitter user tweeted as follows: “how far @pornhub, when una go do headquarters for Africa. We know its Nigeria but I’m not sure if its beside lautech, uniilorin or unilag. Reply abeg.”

The reply came 21 minutes later with a logo of the University of Ibadan and no text at all!  But you must remember that axiom that, “pictures speak a thousand words.” The message was loud and clear. These two tweets have generated thousands of retweets and responses expressing emotions ranging from embarrassment, to shock and excitement in different quarters.