Jose Mourinho gets richer everytime he’s sacked

Jose Mourinho who is a football manager/coach has been paid a staggering £93.5 million for being sacked in his entire football career.

Mourinho and his coaching staff were ruthlessly fired by Tottenham on Monday morning, April 19, due to his poor run of form in the Premier League.

He lasted just 17 months with the 58-year-old in line to receive a whopping pay-out.

According to UK media, Mourinho will bag £30 million after club chairman Daniel Levy decided to end his four-year contract with the club.

It has now been revealed that so many other clubs paid Mourinho huge amounts after sacking him midway into his contracts.

Mourinho has had four of his contracts terminated early since he first joined Chelsea – Chelsea in 2007, Real Madrid in 2013, Chelsea again in 2015, and Manchester United in 2018.

The cost of those early terminations is listed in the accounts of each of the English clubs in question. 

 Chelsea (first time): £23.07m, Chelsea (second time) £8.30m, Manchester United: £19.60m
 Real Madrid paid him £17 million after sacking him now Tottenham is set to pay him a whopping £30m after sacking him.

So, Mourinho has received an astonishing £93.5 million for his entire sackings during his illustrious managerial career.