Jealous businessman murders wife’s friend suspected of infidelity with his wife and three others

At Bensam Flats in Gweru, Zimbabwe in the early hours of Friday April 23, a local businessman went beserk and shot four people.

According to reports from Commutalk, the 35-year-old businessman known as Peter Dube shot and killed his second wife’s friend Gamuchirai Mudungwe and another male friend identified as Shelton. Dube also shot and seriously injured his second wife Nyasha Nharingo (31) and her sister Nyaradzo Nharingo (34).

Gweru Shooting Victims From Left: Nyaradzo, Nyasha and Gamuchirai

It was understood that Dube had a serious argument with his second wife, Nyasha whom he suspected of infidelity. He was enraged after finding out that his wife and sister together with Gamuchirai and Shelton had travelled to Masvingo together without informing him, ostensibly to collect Nyaradzo’s passport.

An eyewitness said; 

“At around 2000hrs, Dube armed with an unknown type of firearm went to number 11 Bensam Flats Main Street where an argument ensued accusing his second wife of having an affair with Shelton.”

Nyasha had called her friend, Gamuchirai to come over to help clear the misunderstanding. Sadly, Dube went berserk and started shooting sporadically. Gamuchirai ended up getting a bullet to the chest and died afterwards.

The eyewitness added; 

“Dube then went downstairs and shot Shelton who was seated in the car once on the head and he is reported to have died instantly.

“He went back upstairs where he met Gamuchirai on the door and shot her on the chest and she died before proceeding to shoot Nyasha on the neck, also shooting Nyaradzo on the head and [they] are battling for life at Gweru Provincial Hospital.”

Gamuchiria Mudungwe

Dube reportedly fled the scene after the shooting and is yet to be apprehended. The murderous shootings were reported to the police by Dube’s young brother Advance Dube and his first wife Jestina Chawana. They are reported to have witnessed part of the bloodbath.

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