Gay woman marries her straight Nigerian best friend

A gay woman marries her straight Nigerian best friend. They finally open up about their marriage.

A 30 year old woman, Deidre Olsen and her model friend Chiderah Sunny, 25, both from Canada, felt “instant chemistry” when they met two years ago.

They had relocated from their hometown to Germany in June of 2020 and now live together with Deidre’s 13 year old dog.

Their relationship became more special when they decided to get married on February 25, 2021.

The couple first met on a Hinge date where they knew they were soulmates. They said it was an instant connection.

Chidera, who is from Nigeria, despite being straight proposed to Deidre and had just three close friends to attend their wedding.

Now they are in the process of filing paperwork to be legally married.

Chiderah told FEMAIL: “I knew I loved Deidre when we first moved to Berlin.

“Everything was just so magical and fell into place so beautifully.

“My perception of marriage has changed. It’s not rooted in romantic love, which I was conditioned to believe.”

The couple seek “casual sex and companionship” elsewhere and insist they’re open to evolving their relationship.

Deidre added: “We realised we were soulmates when we moved to Germany, given how much magic happens when we are together.

”Prior to meeting Chiderah, I’d never known anyone who had such a powerful impact on my life. With her, mountains move.”

Chiderah proposed when they had moved to Berlin.

They had exchanged vows during the lockdown on Deidre’s 30th birthday in their home.

Although the pair have had some negative responses to their relationship, their family and friends are supportive of their decisions.

Deidre said: “They want us to be happy most of all, no matter what that means.

“Our story has sparked conversations and galvanised people to re-imagine relationships.”

The pair have considered starting a family together after recently welcoming a second dog into their home.

The couple also want to try co-parenting at some point.

Chiderah concluded: “We’ve discussed co-parenting, maybe even with friends, because we believe it takes a village to raise a family.”

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